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The Radius radiator was designed as a competition entry for the Bisque Radical 40 competition, celebrating the company's 40th anniversary. 

The radiator was designed to suit a target audience who are looking for a modern and sleek looking product which also offered some design interest. It was designed so that it could easily fit in to modern homes but also homes with more traditional features such as picture and dado rails.

The pipe work has a continuous flow to the design creating a pleasing organic feel while the vertical uprights give the design structure. 

This design was chosen as the winner due to it's "versatility, scalability, and the fact it could be used in both classic and contemporary schemes!"


Radiator - Sketch Sheets 2 - V2 - 1.png
Radiator - Sketch Sheets 2 - V2 - 2.png
Radiator - Sketch Sheets 2 - V2 - 4.png


Radiator - Room Scene_edited_edited.jpg


Material: Mild Steel - Powder Coated

Radius has four mounting points to keep it securely fastened to the wall. The brackets are fixed to the wall using screws and appropriate plugs.

Once the brackets are in place, the radiator can be hung by inserting the lugs, attached to the radiator, into the brackets. 

Grub screws are then used to fix the radiator to the brackets.

Exploded View Key


A - Air Vent - 1/4"                                 2

B - Screw - 7mm x 70mm                       4

C - Wall Bracket                                   4

D - Grub Screw                                    4

Appropriate wall plugs will be necessary

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